Analysis of a Medical Research Corpus

Analysis of a Medical Research Corpus

A Prelude for Learners, Teachers, Readers and Beyond

Georgette Nicolas Jabbour


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Users of a non-native language studying and writing about higher levels of science, the humanities, and other disciplines will find this textbook an indispensable guide to communicating and learning.

Georgette Nicolas Jabbour, a longtime teacher of linguistics and researcher, weaves traditional methods of teaching a language with new technology – all of which is applicable to a multitude of languages.

Whether you are interested in languages in general, writing research, teaching the English language, teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, or Teaching English for Specific Purposes, you will find guidance in this book.

The author focuses on two main areas. The first several chapters present the context of the evolution of theories of language learning and teaching, of language and technology, and of the discourse of science. The second part of the book highlights the application of corpus linguistics tools such as extracting word frequencies, concordances, and collocations that develop better awareness in reading and writing.

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or someone who simply wants to learn more about corpus linguistics, and improve your specific language skills in communication and word choices, you’ll find this a valuable resource.


Georgette Nicolas Jabbour:

Georgette Nicolas Jabbour, a teacher and researcher before retiring as Associate Professor at the DLI Language Teaching Center, where she taught Arabic and trained multilingual teachers at the institute Professional Development Department, and at the Curriculum Development Department. She formerly taught at Damascus University, Department of English, teaching graduate medical doctors how to publish articles in English – an experience that led her to earn an English Applied Linguistics doctoral degree herself. She is the author of numerous articles on teaching languages and linguistics and has presented her findings at many university sponsored conferences.