Creating a Democratic Climate for Kids

Creating a Democratic Climate for Kids

A New Guide for Educators, Parents, and Other Significant Adults in Kids' Lives

Mary Lou McCormick


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The principles of democracy, freedom, and the rights of individuals are taught from textbooks, but the principles of autocracy and dictatorship are still practiced in most schools and homes. It is no wonder our children feel unsettled, defiant, and even outright rebellious. Many of our young people are growing up ignorant of, and uncommitted to, the great principles upon which our nation was founded. The way to make children committed to our democratic way of life is to make them full participants in it. This new guide is provided to assist educators and parents in making our schools and homes models of democracy, giving our kids the freedom of choice, and bestowing on them the basic rights of citizenship. Parents and educators must unite as democratic leaders to guide, coach, and stimulate our young people to assume responsibility for themselves. The future of our nation may depend on it!


Mary Lou McCormick:
Mary Lou McCormick is a long-time teacher and school guidance counselor in at-risk schools in Texas and Nevada. She served as a Clark County School District Crisis Counselor for all grade levels for many years. She earned a Master’s Degree in Education from West Texas A&M and pursued graduate studies in psychological and educational counseling at Texas Tech University.