The HERO Transformation Playbook

The HERO Transformation Playbook

The step-by-step guide for delivering large-scale change

Arif Harbott, Cuan Mulligan


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Value focused - We ruthlessly focus on the delivery of value at all times, full stop, the end.  Everything in the HERO framework is geared towards the target performance of the business.  This is hard work, it takes discipline, but it is not negotiable.

Evidence Based - Transformations do not run smoothly, we recognise this and have course corrections built in based on evidence and data, to allow you to keep the transformation on track.

Two-way Accountability - This is unique and means that delivery teams on the front line (where value is created) get a mechanism to hold the transformation leadership accountable to unblock anything that gets in their way of the delivery of value.

Designed on the Front Line - We were frustrated with change management books being too superficial so this book is gives you practical tangible actions on how to run a transformation. It is a detailed step-by-step guide that you can use to run any transformation.

Not about “soft” change - We do address the the “softer” side of change e.g. people, emotions, culture, relationships etc. but NOT until it blocks the delivery of value. This is very different to most approaches that focus on “soft” change first.

HERO TMO - transformation management tool - to support the transformation (3 months included for free with the book purchase)


Arif Harbott: